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E-book creation help (book already designed in in-design CS6).

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Joined: 1 Nov 2013 - 8:12am
E-book creation help (book already designed in in-design CS6).

Can anyone put me in touch with someone who has the current knowledge of converting an existing book design layout (done in in-design CS6) into an e-book for use on a Kindle reader?
I have just started reading up on it and realise that I might have to change the font/s I have used for the main body of the book and probably a whole lot of things. Luckily the book contains no images, but I do want to retain page ends so that Chapters start on fresh pages. There is also a bit of text styling (custom page numbers, chapter headers etc that may just not be possible on an e-reader.
I have been reading about exporting using fixed page layouts (something it seems you can only do with Creative Cloud though).

I am hoping to use the export E-pub function (within in-design) in order to create the right file.
I assume this leads to a layout which changes size and thus page count, which is fine. But I do want to keep the page ends in at the end of chapters.

Any help would be amazing as I am having to fast-track learn this new way of working.

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Joined: 26 Aug 2011 - 11:50am

People usually export as EPUB, do some manual cleanup to align it with Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines and then upload it to Amazon which will automatically convert it to Kindle format. Having some knowledge of HTML and CSS goes a long way. Here is some general info on the InDesign side of things, but you should also find an exporting tutorial.

You'll have to come to peace with the fact that Kindle supports only the most basic formatting (even less than EPUB, which itself is a far cry from print typography) and a few built-in fonts. So your only option is to simplify the layout as much as possible.

Keep chapters as separate files and they will start on new pages. You won't have page numbers because the text is reflowable; styling chapter headings is fine, though.

Fixed page layouts are almost always a bad idea, especially for simple, text-based books.