(x) Victoria - Alexon RR, FF Scala Sans {Yves}

Hello folks,
First post. I have to say I have only just found this site and am gobstrucked by how knowledgable you lot are. See if anyone pick this font used as a government dept logo…
SkyRocket Design Co


That looks like Colin Brignall’s Corinthian to me.

Yeah, a lot sexier than Yves Peters. Should I adopt a stage name?

Good morning indeed. It’s 5:11 am here, which is why I
can’t tell Scala Sans Black from Dax (or Gill Sans for that

Do I get credited for both IDs on this one, Stephen?

Whoops. Are you already awake or still awake? :-)

This photo of Bon Scott doesn’t look like Yves to me…Boy, can names be deceivingbon

PLEASE somebody tell me I look better than that!

ok, maybe that was a bad pic. I guess here I can see some similarities…twins

Wellidontknowabouthatsilly. :/

Thanks people — you sure know your fonts in here! I’m going to post another one to test you — one that’s been puzzling me for months…

Dang, I hate it when they do that. Why does everyone
have this irresistible urge to test us?

If Alexon is not a match, it sure as hell is a near-match.
You sample is a wee bit too small to be 100% sure.

I think Paul is talking about this:

I thought it was Dax (based on that b), but it’s not…

Yves — thank you for your time & effort. Yes, that’s the best sample I have so I will have a good look at Alexon. This site is a great resource and I will no doubt have plenty more font ID’s to post. BTW your pic looks a bit like Bon Scott to me! :-)
SkyRocket Design Co

Oh, THAT one? That’s FF Scala Sans, very bold. Lemmecheck.

BTW Good morning Joseph!

I don’t know who Bon Scott is but it sure sounds like a sexy name to me :-)

> BTW your pic looks a bit like Bon Scott to me!
That’s me playing the drums during the encores at a
London Rock Garden show alittle while back. Rock’n’roll.