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LOGO: "MR. BOLLYWOOD" [A Personal Photography Project]

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Joined: 28 Jan 2011 - 4:14pm
LOGO: "MR. BOLLYWOOD" [A Personal Photography Project]

Dear sir or ma'am:

Thank you for your time and I am humbled by the many creative and graphical artists on the Typophile forum. I am seeking your expertise on kerning advice on the font in the embedded logo for my personal photography project. The colors are inspired from the actual flag of India. I found the Pantone colors that appears on the actual Indian flag.

The colors on the Indian flag are (top to bottom): Saffron, White (Cool Grey), Navy Blue, and India Green. I started with Saffron and alternated the sequence to color the individual letters in "MR. BOLLYWOOD." My question pertains to kerning. The actual Hindi Devanagari look like this: . It's taken from the Linotype website. The font I used in "MR. BOLLYWOOD" is Sansara from the Linotype foundry. You can see that the actual Devanagari script appear interconnected. That's what I tried with the first four words "MR." and "BO."

Do you think it's a better design-wise, if I continue the pattern with the remaining letters?

If you would like to download the .AI (CS6) and play, you're more than welcomed to. I uploaded to my guest directory: http://guest.ronaldnztan.com/MrBollywood-LOGO-Light.zip. It's changed into outlines via the "Create Outlines" command.

I look forward to hearing back from you. I appreciate the help and suggestions on improvement.