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FREE A-hole Coloring Page!

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FREE A-hole Coloring Page!

Hi Typophiles!
Here is a free coloring page promoting my kickstarter book:


A-holes was inspired by the amusing double entendre of the phrase "A-holes"—the technical term for the negative space in a letter A (this space is actually called the "counter"). Letters' negative space might seem irrelevant, but it determines a lot about the character of a font. As the book shows, the shape of a hole can tell you if a font is a serif or sans serif, and it can tell you where elements like the stroke, crossbar or bowl are located. Holes are like a traceable pattern, giving you clues about a typeface without seeing it.

Though I know his idea would make for a fun coffee table book, I also wanted it to be an educational tool for learning about type. I include sections on "A-hole Anatomy" (labeling the parts of a typeface) and "Historic A-holes" (a timeline of the negative spaces in fonts over the past 200 years).

You can find the complete details here: