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Publishers: Emigre/Princeton Architectural Press
Editor: Rudy Vanderlans


Published by type foundry Emigre and Princeton Architectural Press, it was art directed and edited by Rudy Vanderlans. The magazine moved to a music format in 2001 and was an outlet for the foundry to put their fonts to work in vital and interesting ways.

Back issues are highly collectable. They are in the permanent collections of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York and the Design Museum in London, among others.

After publishing the magazine for over 21 years it was announced that Issue No.69 would be the final issue. This milestone issue featured a behind-the-scenes look at its history, while contributors and colleagues bid the magazine farewell.

Emigre #1

Emigre #2
Emigre #3
Coarse Resolution by Zuzana Licko
Modula by Zuzana Licko
Modula Round by Zuzana Licko
Triplex Italic by John Downer

Emigre #4
Emigre #5
Emigre #6
Citizen by Zuzana Licko
Matrix by Zuzana Licko
Senator by Zuzana Licko

Emigre #7: Various Travel Accounts
Emigre #8: Alienation

Emigre #9: 4AD
Emigre #10: Cranbrook
Lunatix by Zuzana Licko
Oblong by Rudy Vanderlans and Zuzana Licko
Variex by Rudy Vanderlans and Zuzana Licko

Emigre #11: Ambition/Fear
Emigre #12: Press Time!
Emigre #13: Redesigning Stereotypes
Elektrix by Zuzana Licko
Keedy by Jeffery Keedy

Emigre #14: Heritage
Emigre #15: Do You Read Me?
Emigre #16: Sound Design
Arbitrary by Barry Deck
Dead History by P. Scott Makela
Journal by Zuzana Licko
Tall Pack by Zuzana Licko
Template Gothic by Barry Deck
Totally Gothic by Zuzana Licko
Triplex by Zuzana Licko

Emigre #17: Wise Guys
Emigre #18: Type-Site
Emigre #19: Starting From Zero
Emigre #20: Expatriates
Democratica by Miles Newlyn
Exocet by Jonathan Barnbrook
Missionary by Miles Newlyn
NotCaslon by Mark Andresen
Remedy by Frank Heine

Emigre #21: New Faces
Emigre #22: Teach
Emigre #23: Culprits
Emigre #24: Neomania
Big Cheese by Eric Donelan and Bob Aufuldish
Mason by Jonathan Barnbrook
Matrix Script by Zuzana Licko
Motion by Frank Heine
Quartet by Zuzana Licko
Sabbath Black by Miles Newlyn

Emigre #25: Made in Holland
Emigre #26: All Fired Up
Emigre #27: David Carson
Emigre #28: Broadcast
Apollo by Elliott Peter Earls
Backspacer by Nancy Mazzei and Brian Kelly
Elliott’s by Elliott Peter Earls
FellaParts by Edward Fella
Narly by Zuzana Licko
OutWest by Edward Fella
Platelet by Conor Mangat
Suburban by Rudy Vanderlans
Thingbat by John Hersey

Emigre #29: The Designers Republic
Emigre #30: Fallout
Emigre #31: Raising Voices
Emigre #32: Essays, Texts and Other Writings about Graphic Design
Dogma by Zuzana Licko
Whirligig by Zuzana Licko
ZeitGuys by Eric Donelan and Bob Aufuldish

Emigre #33: No Small Issue
Emigre #34: The Rebirth of Design
Emigre #35: Mouthpiece
Emigre #36: Mouthpiece 2
Base 9 and 12 by Zuzana Licko
Blockhead by John Hersey
Blockhead Illustrations by John Hersey
Ottomat by Claudio Piccinini
Soda Script by Zuzana Licko

Emigre #37: Joint Venture
Emigre #38: The Authentic Issue
Emigre #39: The Next Big Thing
Emigre #40: The Info Event
Filosofia by Zuzana Licko
Mrs Eaves by Zuzana Licko
Mrs Eaves Ligatures by Zuzana Licko

Emigre #41: The Magazine Issue
Emigre #42: The Mercantile Issue
Emigre #43: Designers are People Too
Emigre #44: Design as Content
Base Monospace by Zuzana Licko
Hypnopaedia by Zuzana Licko

Emigre #45: (Untitled)
Emigre #46: Fanzines and the Culture of DIY
Emigre #47: Relocating Design
Emigre #48: Untitled II
Tarzana by Zuzana Licko

Emigre #49: The Everything is for Sale Issue
Emigre #50: Think Ink
Emigre #51: Summer 1999
Emigre #52: Fall 1999
Brothers by John Downer
Cholla by Sibylle Hagmann
Council by John Downer
Vendetta by John Downer

Emigre #53: Winter 2000: Graphic Design Incl
Emigre #54: Spring 2000: The Last Wave
Emigre #55: Summer 2000: The Leisure Time Issue
Emigre #56: The Emigre Legacy: 16 Years of Graphic Design Production
Dalliance by Frank Heine
Eidetic by Rodrigo Cavazos
Solex by Zuzana Licko

Emigre #57: Lost Formats Preservation Society
Emigre #58: Everyone is a Designer: Manifest for the Design Economy
Emigre #59: Economy of Means
Emigre #60: Honey Barbara : I-10 & W. AVE.
Lo-Res by Zuzana Licko
Los Feliz by Christian Schwartz

Emigre #61: The Grassy Knoll: Happily Ever After
Emigre #62: Catfish
Emigre #63: Scenic: The Acid Gospel Experience
Fairplex by Zuzana Licko

Emigre #64: Rant
Emigre #65: If We’re Standing on the Shoulders of Giants…
Poppi by Martin Friedl
Priori by Jonathan Barnbrook
Tribute by Frank Heine

Emigre #66: Nudging Graphic Design
Emigre #67: Graphic design vs. style, globalism, criticism, science, authenticity, and humanism
Vista by Xavier Dupre

Emigre #68: American Mutt Barks in the Yard (David Barringer)
Emigre #69: The End

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