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im a newbie concerning typography and also not really sure if i post this in right place :) just move it if not.

im still working on the font, kerning/spacing is not really perfect, but in general: what do you think of it?

its nothing revolutionary, doing such things just helps to get experience..

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It's nice. The "a" seems a bit out of place; the rest of the face is clear and simple, without any breaks such as you have in the "a".
The "y" is alone in not following the construction rules exactly, but I like it, and I think you might want to try spreading that style to some of the other letters.

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thanks for your feedback.

i like the a because it is somehow special, brings "spice" into the font. but as i wont have any capital letters, i'll probably just make a "normal" a and have the "special" a on the place where a capital A would be..

im really unsure wheter i should keep the y like this or make it a bit more like j/g, everybody's telling me something different :)

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