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Test Newsletter 2

It's been a long, arduous road back, but we hope you're as excited as we are!

So what's the new Typophile all about?

First and foremost, all the archives have been preserved and we've even worked hard to ensure that URLs have remained as consistent as possible. You'll find old Forums content now grouped under an appropriate Community.

Typophile has all always been about community. It's the relationships and conversations we've built together over years that has made Typophile what it is, so we've decided to double down on community. To this end, we've done a few things.

Home. Optimized for mobile
We wanted to encourage quick and easy sharing, so we've built a status engine that gives you up to 329 characters (ahem, Latin 1 + 2 if you're curious) to share a thought, link, or picture. Snapping found type and posting from your phone just got really easy.

Got a few free moments? The new Typophile makes it even easier to scroll through updates and see what people are up to.

Goodbye Forums. Hello, Communities
We are declaring the message board format dead and welcome Communities in their place. Active topics across all communities rise to the surface, allowing you to graze and discover new communities that pop up.

Anyone can start a community! We hope that the new system encourages lots of meaningful groupings and activity.

Always Improving
Despite the unfortunate hiatus, our commitment to Typophile remains stronger than ever. To that end, if you encounter bugs or design glitches, check the known issues and add it in the comments.