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Can't find Penumbra as a web font

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Jim Stafford's picture
Joined: 2 May 2007 - 6:42am
Can't find Penumbra as a web font

Probably shouldn't be surprised, but it's the firs time it's happened. Working with a typeface across a new brand (in this case, several cuts of Penumbra) and go to try and extend the licence to web usage. And I can't find the option anywhere. Myfonts don't allow webfont purchase for Adobe fonts, same on Fontspring, but when I look on the Typekit (which according to the Adobe site: 'All of Adobe's fonts are now available on Typekit.com as part of the Typekit subscription library'), it's nowhere to be found.

Is that 'All' a mistake? Should that not include Penumbra? Should I be looking somewhere else? Or is it time to start looking for webfont alternatives? Thanks.

Christopher Slye's picture
Joined: 5 Oct 2006 - 11:03am

Hi Jim. Sorry for the confusion. It's true that "all" is incorrect there, and we'll change the text. Some of Adobe's fonts, including Penumbra, have been kept out of Typekit (and any web licensing) due to licensing complications here at Adobe. We are actually working on a solution to that right now, but I can't give you any timetable or promises about that.