How do I create a professional logo?

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Joined: 7 Feb 2017 - 1:50am
How do I create a professional logo?

How do I create a personal logo that is professional and clean, similar to this one? I am currently in college studying interior design, and I would like to create a logo for my resume, portfolio, and business card. My initials are CCR. Does anybody know what a font like this is called?

Thank you!!

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The top is made from a font in the Didone category; the bottom is sort of a Latine style.

You need to hire a pro to do this right.

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I'd recommending studying the anatomy of type and how people perceive/read type, so that you're able to evoke characters even while removing certain key elements.

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Hey! I actually just wrote a quick blog post about this if you were still working on your logo. Here is the link: :)

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I assume you want to do it yourself.

Like Jared mentions, you need some knowledge of the anatomy of type. If you don't have any it's going to be hard to create something that will look good/professional. But if you want to do it as a study project, to learn from it, it will be fun and you will gain some knowledge about type, just don't expect too much.

If you know Adobe Illustrator and know how to draw / manipulate vector shapes you can to it behind a computer and be able to create a lot of different ideas pretty fast. There are tons of instructions video's on manipulating existing fonts out there.

if you don't know how to work with Illustrator you have to print letters cut them by hand and arrange them by hand, draw or photograph the result. This will take a lot of time and effort but it's not a bad way to do it and if you have fun doing it who cares it takes time!

So if the goal is to own a logo for your company period, follow Hrant's advice.

If you like to know more about type and want to study it more in the future, go ahead and experiment! And show us what you made, anyone here will be happy to give you feedback!

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Hrant is absolutely right. Not meaning to be rude, but your question is a bit like "how do I write a professional computer program?" If you don't know how to do it, you can't do it. Yet.

I have been a professional type designer for five years, and have studied type on some level for much longer. But I am not very good at logo design, which is a different process. I might be able to make a professional looking logo (whatever that may be), but I would still hire a professional designer to do it, if it were something important. Simply because he or she would do it better than me.

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It is amazing that you are currently studying in Interior designing and you love to make professional logo. Anyway logo designing is one of the most beautiful thing in web designing. I would suggest you 2 options one is to use logo maker tool that is available online and second one is to hire good software development company or web designing firm that will help you to create perfect logo as per your need.

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As the above say, the easiest way is to throw the job at someone that already knows how to do it. That it is also the way you learn the least from…

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The best of both worlds is to get a pro to do it but explain why it works.

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There are some steps to keep in mind while logo designing:

Think different and be unique
Less is more
Think Adaptable
Make it timeless
Strong design is captivating