"Gallery" in a lovely script

Hello. I've found this sample of a script that I really like, however it has proven difficult to identify. Someone suggested that it is not a font at all, but rather hand drawn. I have been directed to P22Corinthia and Annabelle-JF as similar fonts. Am wondering if anyone here may have any other possibilities as to either the identity, if it is actually a font, or other similiar ones. Thank you in advance for any help.


Well, it looks enough like a font. Hope someone identifies it soon.

Hi all. Don't want to be a pest, but just wanted to bump this pretty little "font?" up again. Thank you for any help you might be able to offer regarding it or anything more that might be similar. Best regards.

Did you download this image from a website? You should try contacting them to ask whoever made it. I could not find it on Veer or House Industries, and those were my first inclinations ... It is quite nice, though!

Did you go through Mike's Script ID guide?


I don't have the time right now but maybe you'll find it there.

Unless Mike has already tried and failed to find it.

Yes, thank you, I did try Mike's Script ID first. He's the one that sent me here =), also the one that suggested P22Corinthia which is quite similar. I actually found the sample on the DaFont forum as a question to them (so I don't know where the original came from). No answer there tho, and I really liked the font, so thot I'd do some research myself. No success, so asked Mike... and here I am! Thanks to you all for trying to find something for me. I really appreciate it. Someone at MyFonts forum said they thought it was hand drawn. Probably correct as it seems to not exist anywhere. So I guess now I'm just looking for other similar fonts. The two mentioned above are good ones, just wondering if there are others. Thanks again for all your help.

My impulse was originally (and still) that this may have been the work of Rob Leuschke. Several of his fonts, besides "Corinthia" have somewhat similar letterforms, and it seems consistent with 'calmer' examples of his style. I checked his web sites for Alphabytes and TypeSetit, but he never used 'Gallery' there.

The other calligrapher-font designer whose style might cover this is Hermann Zapf, but this seems very unlikely to me. (I was thinking about some of the variations in Zapfino, but the "Gallery' lettering is less flamboyant than the Zapfino style, in my way of looking at it.)

I'm afraid this one remains a mystery, at least for now.

- Mike Yanega