Tage der Typografie

»Tage der Typografie« (Days of Typography) is organised by the German trade union »ver.di«. This event started the first time in 1998, meaning four days with workshops and lectures about typography, typedesign, design of books, posters and icons. During the years, designers like Hans Peter Willberg, Gerard Unger, Susanna Stammbach (CH), Prof. Klaus Detjen, Peter Reichard, Adrian Lacour and Richard Frick (CH) hold some workshops and gave lectures.

In 2005 ,»Tage der Typografie« took place at the end of May, starting with a lecture of Ralf de Jong (Author of the book »Detailtypografie«). The conference topic is »1000% detail« with workshops about how to design covers for music cds (Kai Büschl), the magic of signs (Gabine Heinze), bookdesign (Typonauten) and how to show typefaces at their best (Spatium – magazine for typography).

The website is in German only: http://www.tagedertypografie.de