Reusing old blackletter type specimens / legal implications

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Reusing old blackletter type specimens / legal implications

Does anyone know the legal implications of redrawing and potentially digitising elements of an old blackletter font found in a type specimen book? I have found an alphabet I would like to use elements of for a logo design. The specimen is from an alphabet from 1579 in Lewis F. Day's book 'Alphabet's old and New' published in 1910 - the only details I can find about the alphabet is that it was Flemish and was taken from a rubbing of a memorial inscription. But in general what are the rules about redrawing/digitising potentially out of copyright non digitised alphabets? I am not looking to create a digital font file and sell it I just want to use elements of the font for a logo. Any advice or feedback on this comment would be greatly received!

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Given its age, you should be just fine -- even if you wanted to make a font from it. Bear in mind, I am not a lawyer. :-)