Goosebreak – A Canadian Aboriginal Syllabic typeface

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Goosebreak – A Canadian Aboriginal Syllabic typeface

“First of all: I know I'm not in a good section, however the Release section does not work at this moment. Sorry about that. Thanks.”
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Goosebreak is a project that took several years to emerge. After using a few syllabic fonts in my projects, I wanted to create typeface with a strong personality like its Harfang Pro that served as the basis for the design. This family is designed for all Canadian Aboriginal languages and adds to the few fonts available for these languages. It’s available in 12 fonts that are suitable for both editorial writing and advertising.

“I named this font, Goosebreak. This name refers to the Spring goose-hunting season, in Cree, “nituwaaschenaanuu,” which aboriginal communities of Northern Quebec attach great importance to.” Goosebreak is here