Blog Haiku

blog thy name is crap
diary for the masses
typographic wind


this is funny as hell.

Well, nobody's forcing you, Richard. Neither to write nor to read. :-)

Though this actually is a pretty funny haiku I must admit. Nice one. :-P

Now I feel I must explain my spontanious first-ever Blog.

I hate the word Blog. It sounds like a cross between Blockage and Clog and the English term "bog". All of the other scatalogical references that ended up in the haiku made me laugh, so I ended up hitting post and vaugly regretting it. I am glad it made your emoticon smile. I didn't mean it to be a dis to typophile or a comment on anyones posting. So perhaps I will write another. :^)

Damn, now you put it into context it's even funnier! Clever! :-D