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FontExplorer Pro X Problem: Resolving Conflicts

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Joined: 12 Jun 2017 - 5:33pm
FontExplorer Pro X Problem: Resolving Conflicts


Not sure if this is the place for a question like this, but I am having a very annoying problem with FontExplorer X Pro. I have reinstalled OS X
on my MacBook Pro as a clean install, using no time machine. In moving the previous fonts back onto my HD, I also brought over the previous
'FontExplorer X.fexdb' file so I can still keep my sets from before. From what I have researched, my sets should then be restored as 'missing'
and in the 'Conflicts' panel I am to locate the files. I have had no such luck.

The 'Current Path' of the fonts also vary. I have managed resolve a few of them but only family by family at best.. and the ones that have a
'Current Path' that differs too much from where the files are now located don't work at all. When I click 'Apply' the text field goes blank. Also,
many of the system fonts are 'missing'.

My question is mainly with the 'Conflict' panel and how to mass resolve conflicts!! Everywhere I read, people make it seem easy like all I have
to do is 'replace path component: type Users/oldusername/ then in all selected fonts with: type User/newusername/'

I did this and nothing happens. Possibly because some of those fonts are system fonts and 1 layer above /Users in /Library?

I just have no clue.. this is starting to feel immensely hopeless and depressing.. please help..

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Joined: 28 Nov 2012 - 11:13am

FontExplorer builds two files: (1) just the raw database of fonts in a file located in Application Support/Linotype (FontExplorer X.fexdb), and (2) user "sets" and custom classifications, etc, in a file located in Preferences (com.linotype.FontExplorerX). You will need to restore these two files so as to recreate your sets and custom classifications, etc. Note, if you at any time do a clean install and locate your non-system fonts to any other location, you will need to use a (free) database program to edit .fexdb file (sqlitestudio found here: https://sqlitestudio.pl/index.rvt). Hope this helps.