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Locating Current version of Font Validator Download

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Joined: 28 Mar 2003 - 11:52am
Locating Current version of Font Validator Download

My version of Font Validator is 1.0.1286.

I've tried to locate the new version of MS Font Validator which is now in open development. I am perplexed by Github and the arcane file lists there. I tried to download a binary and McAfee immediately flagged the downloaded file as containing a virus, then deleted it.

Would someone kindly point me to a recent version of Font Validator ready to be installed on Windows 7, hopefully an .msi or .exe file.



Hin-Tak Leung's picture
Joined: 26 Aug 2017 - 7:39pm

Hello, I was searching for some other Font Validator related thing and came to this... I would like to know which urls you click got McAfee to delete.

Anyway, this is probably what I would recommend people to download to use now:

You just unzip somewhere and double-click FontVal.exe within. Unlike the older version, it doesn't write anything to registry, etc so you can have multiple versions around, and does not really need to be packaged into an installer. Just unzip somewhere and run.

Mostly I try to get people to post in public (the freedesktop create mailing list or the freetype-devel mailing list, typedrawers web site, or file a issue on github in either Microsoft's issue tracker or mine) so that others can benefit instead of one-to-one e-mails, but if you have to e-mail me, you have to ... htl10 at users.sourceforge.net is the e-mail address.
(yes, I am the main person reviving the Font Val code...)