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i made this font - a oneline font to get easy the weights from ultra thin to extrabold. for the moment, there are just the illustrator drawings, no kerning - no spacing. i just want to hear some opinions about the forms, and the mood of the alphabet.

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Even though the face repeatedly uses some obvious devices it still lacks unity. I think the error lies not in the forms themselves, but in the counterforms they create. For example the negative space around the k has no relationship to anything else. The g has similar problems. The extension on the M also causes some awkwardness. The 5 and the G also demonstrate the same idea. While it is obvious the device used to create them, the resulting counterforms are completely inconsistent with the rest of the face.

Another note: the tails on the lc letters feel like they are floating. Try decreasing the angle of the slant and lengthening them.

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it seems, that you think my typeface is kind of crap. but your critique was really helpful to me and i'm willing to finish the typeface anyway.

so i change quite a lot. the lower case g and k were really strange in the kontext of a text. so i changed them to another mood.
also the slants of the lc letters a,b,d,u i changed so they reach the baseline. the slants of m,n,p,q,r i leave the same as they are.

what do you think

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Thom -- I think you're going in the right direction with this typeface. The only aspect that I find jarring are the ears, such as on the r and m. For me, this is a very smooth font and I don't believe the ears add any readability. Anyone else agree or disagree?

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I agree. Btw, it has an eerie familiar feeling. Anyone used those plastic stencils... uhm, hard to explain. Looks like those though, I like it.

Btw, the new "k" is a huge improvement.

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i agree with you, that this is a smooth font. it was just the intention to get a bit of originality what makes me doing these ears. otherwise i'm afraid this typeface is too techno. i wanted to get a bit of a typwriter mood in it.
do you think these ears are disturbing the other fletters?

and john - what do you think lc "a". i have the impression it is a bit too wide, perhaps it should be a bit more condensed..?
(sorry about my lousy english)

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I think this a very subtle font.

Did you try to use round ears?

What about a solution for your 'k', which is between the 2 samples you've shown us?
I made a little flash-image to show you what I mean.


kkk.swf (<1 k)

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Sorry if I sounded harsh. I try to say it as I
see it. I do think the face has some good stuff
going on. I also think you are heading in the
right direction. Now all you need is something to
make the face stand out from all of the other
lineal geometrics out there.

I actually think that the ears are a start in that
direction. When set in copy I think they give the
face a unique feel. They still feel a little abrupt,
but I think they are the key. Is there a subtle way
to incorporate the feel of the ears' kinked line
other places in the face (like the caps)? For
example, what if the arm of the E and the F were
to bend slightly? I'm just throwing out ideas now.
Good job. Keep it up (I don't think that it is crap.
Just a work in progress:)

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allright - thanks to everybody. it is good to get critique for workin hard. i'm still sitting behind the face, and made some experiments, about the ears, and found with it also a solution to change the general form - just a little bit, but with this changement, i think, i found perhaps a way to make my GGrapidograph stand out from all the other linear geometric faces out there - like christian said.

i hope you guys are still helping me to develop my font to a good end, so i can finish it, and agree with it.

ggrapidograph03.swf (8 k)

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I suggest a merge between the lowest samples (nr 4) and the ones at the top. Just a small bend on the tails (?) would be good...

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