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Classic Looking Serif


Looking for this classic looking serif. I came across it on Vice's snapchat content channel. It has a almost vintage look (kind of like EB Garamond... but not). Vice uses Lora as their website serif, but it's not that either. Any help would be much appreciated!


Sorry, but Lora does appear to be a close match. Could also be Sumana (another Google web font that’s based on Lora, but a bit beefier).

I looked closely at Lora, The "g" seems to be quite different...?

Sumana looks very close (if not exact)! It even has the straight apostrophe (rather than curved). Thank you!

The apostrophe in your sample is actually a prime, not a true apostrophe — | ' | vs | ’ |.

Looking in the glyphs list in Sumana (specifically), it calls it an apostrophe, and considers the other curved one a "right single quotation mark." Either way, thanks—think you solved it!