Selling all rights to a font

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I have a client -- an egg farm -- that I am developing a display font for. Originally I offered them exclusivity for 1 year, with an option to renew.

But they want to buy the font outright.

I'm kind of against this. For one thing, do they really need it? Secondly, could they afford it? Third, I've never sold a font through a foundry or MyFonts or whatever, so I'm kind of looking forward to trying it out.

Any thoughts? How much is a ballpark figure for selling a display typeface? I've heard the $5K figure but that seems high to me.

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For full exclusivity compared to exclusivity for 1-2 years, I'd make the price double or triple.


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Perhaps you could consider how much you could potentially make from an ideal situation selling through Myfonts, for instance, where your font would be marketed and put in front of the people's eyes ... and then times that by 10.

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