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Please request to identify


Please find attached a font (text image). Iam unable to read it. Can you identify the font? I would then like to convert it to any of the readable font's like "arial" or similar.
It's very difficult to read with the current font size. I read somewhere in google, that cursive font (which i think it is, in this image) cannot be identified by font sites. Iam not sure though.
Request your valuable time, to give me an opportunity to get through this.


“has been demolished to make a million of little ones in the image” is set in ITC Blackadder:

Thanks so much. That's great. You identified very soon. I tried multiple times, before coming here. How can i convert this font ITC Blackadder to any other easy reading format like "aerial" or similar font. Iam finding it difficult to read at this age 65. I need to stress a lot. Any free online tool to convert this to a readable font format?

I’d need to know what format the original is in first in order to offer advice—is it just this one line of type or an entire paragraph saved as a raster image, or is it a screen cap from a PDF or web site?

Optical character recognition would be an option if the type wasn’t so small and the typeface so unusual. If the text is available in digital form, I might be able to help you. Please provide more details....