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What font is in use here?


Hi there,
I have a question about the font that is used in the signing on this building from 1984. The font is Futura, exept the capital M. This is more Avant Garde, exept for the pointed tops of the M.
So, i would like to know if, this M is a known variation of the Futura or a customization by the designer.

Thanks for your help.


A number of alternate glyphs originally designed by Paul Renner for Futura were removed from later commercial versions of the typeface, but I'm not finding this particular M—I suspect it’s a one-off customization:

Hi K.C,

Thanks. I am working on a project for this building, so i'm just curious. The M keeps puzzling me, because the Futura M is pointed at the bottom too, but this M not.