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What is this font


Hello. I need to do a spoof on this poster for my class. The teacher is requesting I use the same font type as in this poster. I have been through all the fonts on my laptop and still cold not ID the font. Please Help if you can. What is the font type for: We Can Do It? Any help is greatly appreciated.


the text was painted, along with the rest of the illustration by J. Howard Miller. You'll be hard pressed to find the exact font, FB Nobel is very close. Also Futura Bold Condensed or Avant Garde Bold Condensed could work very well.

I've made several parodies of this poster. I've generally used Twentieth Century Bold as a starting point, but then I've heavily modified the letters to better match the proportions and wonkiness of those on the poster.

Here's a GIF I made comparing the out-of-the-box typeface with my modified lettering (not sure why I can't embed an image): https://twitter.com/therevdoctor/status/726122058518781952