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Joined: 15 Nov 2014 - 3:54pm
Angular Serif

Does anyone have a recommendation for a typeface with very angular serifs (like the attached image)?
Thank you!

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Joined: 3 May 2000 - 11:00am

That image is pretty confusing, but do you mean something like Matrix?
BTW that style of serif (and category of typeface) is called "Latin", in case that helps you search.

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Joined: 28 Nov 2012 - 11:13am

Difficult to tell from the pic you supplied, but here a few to consider:
Sensaway, Die Gestalten
Encorpada Pro, dooType
Essonnes, James Todd Design
Lust Pro, Positype
Majesti Banner, Lost-Type
PF Regal Series, Parachute
Playfair Display
Surveyor, Hoefler & Co
Tenez, Plau Design