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Two logo identifications


The top logo with the script "Caesar" looks familiar but I can't identify the font. I would also like to ask about the tagline "Car & Truck Repair" font. It would save me time searching several websites for those fonts I need.

As for the bottom logo, I thought at first that it was "Copperplate" font, but I can see several different variations. So I would need help identifying this font as well along with the font id for "Car & Truck" too.


I tried in the font identification website http://en.likefont.com and there are 1995 matched fonts in total, and the most similar font is EurostileLTW01-BoldExt2 Regular.
This is my identification result page for your image: http://en.likefont.com/community/2903440/

This is only for the tagline "Car & Truck Repair". I'm still looking for the font for the Script "Caesar"...

Caesar in the top logo is set in Magneto:

Caesar in the bottom logo appears to be Novarese, with a bit of squaring off of the serifs:

Also for the bottom logo, the ampersand appears to be Artcraft Bold, and Car and Truck appear to be Futura Extra Bold: