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Can anybody tell me what font this is ???



Looks like a bolder version if Crillee with additional slant added.

I second Stan’s ID. Here’s a link:

Thank you so much, you where right about the font. It was Crilliee Bold Italic, and with slant added and some other adjustment I managed to get the exact same look.
I can't thank you guy's enough.
It was a customer that wanted to change something in his Busines Card and he wanted the exact same font.
He sent me a PDF file with his old Business Card but the tekst was outlined, so I couldn't see the what font it was.
Once again thanks :)

I tried in the font identification website http://en.likefont.com and there are 1903 matched fonts in total, and the most similar font is AG-Gothic821Cnd Normal Italic.
This is my identification result page for your image: http://en.likefont.com/community/3560849/