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Two Beautiful Ones


Any help with these two faces would be wonderful, but especially with the headline. Thank you in advance.


The ingredients and directions appear to be FF Parango:

The title face is proving to be more elusive. Can you provide the name of the book or magazine that’s the source of your sample?

Indeed, the image traces back to FontFont's in-use page for Parango: https://www.fontfont.com/fonts/parango/in-use
Thank you for that.
Images showing the title face, however, only exhibit the following caption: Y. Perrousseaux
Maybe the images were posted by http://luc.devroye.org/fonts-45756.html ?
Sadly that's as far as I've been able to get. A pity, too.. it's a perfect match for a project I'm working on.

I tried in the font identification website http://en.likefont.com and there are 3350 matched fonts in total, and the most similar font is Duly Noted NF Regular.
This is my identification result page for your image: http://en.likefont.com/community/3560203/

I’ve put your sample and the others from FontFont through multiple database searches, and came up empty.

The late Yves Perrousseaux was the founder of Atelier Perrousseaux, a publisher of design-related (not cook) books. He likely contributed the images, but he doesn’t appear to be the publisher of the source material.

The style of lettering is Carolingian:

What you posted is likely custom or from a very small foundry or solo type designer....

Good to know.. thank you!