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Sans Serif named "Agnes"


This font was installed on my company laptop (which was previously used by someone else). The file is named "agnes.otf", but I haven't been able to find it under that name anywhere, or find out who designed it. It only has uppercase glyphs, and no numerals or special characters.

I was wondering if "Agnes" is its real name, who might have designed it, and whether there is a more complete character set to be purchased somewhere.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Sorry, not finding a match to this anywhere.

The lack of an extended character set might indicate that it was a work-in-progress, a personal typeface, or even student work.

You've no way of contacting the previous user of the laptop?

Hi K. C.

Thanks for getting back. I no longer work there, so I'm afraid I have no way of finding out who the previous user of the laptop might have been.
It was an advertising agency, so it could very well be a personal project by some agency designer. It reminds me a bit of the Chanel logo (although the C is not quite the same), so maybe it was an attempt to develop a typeface inspired by it.

Thanks again for your help.