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In current practice, usage of the term case most likely refers to the use of uppercase (capital) or lowercase letters. See some examples below. In [[Letterpress|letterpress]] practice, case refers to the physical box (case), usually wooden, that a given set of letters is stored. Capital letters were stored in the upper (top) case and lowercase letters were stored in the lower (bottom) case.


ALL CAPS -- All letters are capitalized.

Title Case -- The first letter of each word is capitalized.

Sentence case -- where the first character is capital and the remaining words are lowercase.

Camel Case -- Also called internal caps where one or more characters in a given word (or string) has a capitalized letter. This is often used in programming languages and increasingly seen for naming or branding companies or products.

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'case' is an [[OpenType]] [[feature tag]] with the friendly name "Case-Sensitive Forms". Click here to read the spec from the Microsoft Layout Tag Registry.

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