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In current practice, usage of the term case most likely refers to the use of uppercase (capital) or lowercase letters. See some examples below. In letterpress practice, case refers to the physical box (case), usually wooden, that a given set of letters is stored. Capital letters were stored in the upper (top) case and lowercase letters were stored in the lower (bottom) case.


ALL CAPS – All letters are capitalized.

Title Case – The first letter of each word is capitalized.

Sentence case – where the first character is capital and the remaining words are lowercase.

Camel Case – Also called internal caps where one or more characters in a given word (or string) has a capitalized letter. This is often used in programming languages and increasingly seen for naming or branding companies or products.

Indices : Technical Info : Feature Tags : case

‘case’ is an OpenType feature tag with the friendly name “Case-Sensitive Forms”. Click here to read the spec from the Microsoft Layout Tag Registry.

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