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I am looking for the pre-ITC Bookman Bold Italic with swashes. I understand that it may never have made it to digital format, is this true?

The attached graphic is what I'm looking for.



'Bookman' ( Swash, Italic ), at Monotype / Fonts.com, may be the closest digital alternate..

This has been requested so often that we were going to put it on our 'Most Requested Fonts' page. I think the answer, as I recall, is what you feared -- it hasn't been digitized.

- Mike Yanega

I just received a reply from an email I sent to http://castcraft-software.com/

"We do have these fonts. These are two of our best selling fonts. But base on your sample, there are two fonts that were used, Its OPTI Bookman Bold Italic Swash & OPTI Bookman Bold Italic Swash with Supplement. We have it in True Type or PostScript for MAC or PC. The fonts cost $67.50 each plus $10 for handling. We can email or shipped it to you. You can call us at (847)675-6530 and look for Harry or Felix for your payment information."

You are one of the first people I ever heard from that actually got a response from them. I looked after seeing your post, and found images of these to confirm that all the characters are there in those fonts. It looks like they gave you the right information. The non-swash italic letters are in the first font, and all the swash letters, including the 'y' are in the Supplement. That allows them to charge for two fonts, and at such hefty prices too. In all fairness I should say that there are two versions of most of the upper case letters in the Supplement, as well as a scattering of swash lower case letters.

- Mike Yanega

The fonts cost $67.50 each plus $10 for handling.

Holy macaroni! Do these fonts come on solid gold CD-ROMs?

That handling charge sure runs up the cost, but I know that it's tricky stuff handling such fragile items. One misstep and you've got yourself a useless, shattered font.

Ya know, I wouldn't be surprised if Castcraft shipped the fonts on floppy disks.

Mike F,

That wouldn't surprise me... would go well with the early 80's design of the website. ;)

Thanks you all your help! This message board ROCKS!

I did not buy the $67 type. I found a similar style and used Illustrator to edit it. All I needed were a few letters.

thanks again.

Didn't know where to post this find, but it reminded me of the swashes from that era: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/nicksfonts/cressida-nf/

See this recent MyFonts thread in which Allen Hailey at ITC voices (second hand info) an intent to release an Opentype font with the old swashes and alts – perhaps next year.