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(x) German Cookbook: Die Küche Indonesiens - ITC Veljovic, Post Mediaeval {Stephen, Yves}

Hello there, this is my first post.

My scan is from a German Cookbook (Die Küche Indonesiens).
It's set in two characteristic fonts (two, I believe) that play together very well (and with the theme "Indonesia", also) and look simply gorgeous.
Can you help me?

By the way, I am one of the "lurkers" Hrant has addressed recently.
It's not that I feel I was lurking around the Typophile boards, it's more like I'm interested in typography, not professionally though, and the best place to learn something is where the "professionals" discuss, ie here. An amateur like me isn't exactly capable of establishing a well-founded point in your highly sophisticated discussions, that's why I'm not participating.
But I do enjoy reading them very much. Thanks.


Text looks like something by Veljovic.

It is! Veljovic Book.

An amateur like me isn’t exactly capable of establishing a well-founded point in your highly sophisticated discussions

i'm afraid i have the same problem, but it doesn't stop me very often. maybe it should...

No it shouldn't! :-D

As a matter of fact, the Type ID Board is a perfect jumping-on point, as the discussions here are often light-hearted and entry-level. Once you feel at ease, you can consider moving up to General Discussions, maybe by starting off with a question you might have. I can guarantee you it will be a lot more interesting and rewarding once you start participating.

Thank you for your replies.

And I'd love to find out about that other font, too.
It's an interesting font, with lots of detail and quite a few peculiarities (my scan is bad, the print looks very nice).

I must say, I do like it and I think as a font for an Indonesian Cookbook it's a perfect fit! Plus it goes well with the Veljovic body text.

I've uploaded another scan. Ideas?

PS. Is it not possible to upload images in new comments?

Not yet -- soon.

I really don't know about the other font. It has something Rudolf Koch-esque.

Gotcha! Post-Mediaeval. Sorry it took so long.

Wonderful, thanks.