Circus Fonts and Wild West Fonts

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I'm looking to recreate the look of an old late 1800's/early 1900's circus poster. Could anyone recommend some good freeware circus/playbill fonts that would be appropriate, or maybe even some cheap commercial fonts?

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John are you looking for (as Stephen describes) American Western poster fonts or another location? I would think the posters in Manhattan or London at that time would look totally different. If its possible narrow the location of the look you are looking for.

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Yeah, I guess I'm going for the American Western look, but with an ornate flare (lots of swashes, etc.). And this project is something I'm doing as a favor for someone, so I'm really looking for some freeware fonts. But I've looked through DaFont and a few other places, so I might've about exhausted all there is.

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John go to this site it has lots of resource listings maybe it will lead to something you haven't seen yet.

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Thanks for the help all; I actually got to looking around in the retro section at DaFont and found a lot of fonts I had overlooked. Guess I consider Retro to be 50's and 60's-ish fonts and din't think to check there for what I was looking for.

The project I'm working on is actually a t-shirt design for my church's Vacation Bible School this summer. The theme for this year is "Under God's Big Top," so I'm trying to mimic the look of an old circus poster for the t-shirt design. It's still a work in progress, but here's what I've come up with so far; feel free to offer any advice or suggestions:

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Go to Eduardo Recife is awesome & his font "Great Circus" is to die for. It costs, but it's not too bad & it's totally worth it. Of course, it all depends on what style you are going for--this font is distressed. CHECK IT OUT!

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Ok, here's the near final design, now in color, bitches:

Edit: Thanks for the suggestion btw, bec11679, but I guess I'm really going for more of a clean look rather than that dirty style, which might not come out as well on a shirt.

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No problem. Looks sweet. What a cute idea.

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hey john,
just wondering if you ever found a font..

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Recently released: CircusKS

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Some interesting sets that allow for multi-color overlays are at fontmesa

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with an ornate flare (lots of swashes, etc.

Not likely to be found in authentic period typefaces…

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