(x) Madden 2004 - Aurora Bd Cd (slanted & extended) {Yves}

Hi folks

im looking for the EA SPORTS font! any idea wich one it is?? (font) for the text not the logo
expl: EA SPORTSMADDEN2004” this font of MADDEN2004 or other game titles

ThanksFONT  MADDEN....


Slanted and extended Aurora Bold Condensed.

WOW!!!!! :-)

Thanks Yves Peters that was fast and the right one

Thanks you verry much

Many greetings from switzerland

7 minutes? We’ve seen better… ;)


Mey be you know also the font of the EA SPORTS logo??


Maybe I don’t. ;)

The ‘SPORTS’ is reminiscent of Agency Gothic, but
not quite. It’s possibly custom drawn, as there are a
number of weight inconsistencies in the characters
(see the tail of the ‘R’).The ‘EA’ is definitely custom

Thanks anyway :-)

Or they they had a condensed version and extended it. Oof! You can tell that this was pulled horizontally. The vertical proportions are wrong.