(x) classic serif face currently popular on book covers - HTF Requiem {Karl}

Can anyone tell me what font is used on the book cover of the attached picture? And is it just me, or is this font showing up all over book covers in N. America?



> !&*[^${-#<%)/~=@+(\?;>"}-


It is Requiem. More Specifically HTF Requiem Fine and Ornaments. That top bar is in the ornament set - a dead give away.


That's it. Such a lovely font, but so expensive.

US$199 for a license for a fully-featured high quality three-weight family in three optical sizes plus ligatures and ornaments is so expensive!?

Errr... What planet are you from, Peter? I hope you weren't expecting it to come for free with a box of cereals. (All in good humour ;-) ) I mean, I checked the price twice after reading your comment -- I think this family is very reasonably priced.

Kidding aside, what would you consider a fair price for HTF Requiem?

Sorry, but I always chuckle when I see someone make a comment like "...so expensive"

There should be a list "Top Ten Things Not To Say On Typofile"

I will say that I've purchased a number of type families from H&FJ - Champion Gothic, Gotham, Whitney and hopefully Mercury soon. Their typefaces are "workhorse" fonts that you'll be able to use over and over again. Their typefaces are worth every penny.

I agree completely. HTF does a great job and it's excellent value, especially other foundries can charge as much $60 or so for a single weight (like that godawful Bookman swash at Castcraft).

Or my unrequited crush, FBNobel which will set you back over $500 for the family.

That said, you can buy Nobel in single weights, which HTF doesn't seem to offer.

Peter mentioned in another thread he was starting a web design business to pay for school. For that reason alone I could see how he could see the font as being expensive.

This is what I call expensive. ;-)

Oops, this puts everything into context of course. Being student is already tough enough. Sorry'boutthat, Peter, no offense.

I think going to Yale as a freshman is up to $40,000. (thats one year)

Yves, I wouldn't mind getting a box of cereal with a font purchase. If it's Chocos.

(Tiffany, I'm not doing this to stay ahead, honest. In fact I've been holding back.)


Peter, I'll send you a box of cereal if you order the font.

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That's a novel marketing trick. Does he get to choose which kind? I'd go for Kellog's Honey Nut Frosties!

There should be a list “Top Ten Things Not To Say On Typofile”

4. Do not misspell "Typophile".


Now _that_ is how you sell a typeface to a student. i'm almost tempted..

Yves, it's Kellogg's (with two g's)

as long as you're correcting spelling...

Ouch! :-D

Me being an unapologetic know-it-all makes me an easy target. Serves me right. My bad.

Naturally, it would have to be these.

so if a non-student licenses it can we get a can of alphabet soup? ;^)

"What kids in Egypt demand for breakfast!"


My first typesetting job used Alpha-Bits. The client ate it up.

= David Randolph Koski =

hoefler, when I bought HTF Requiem I didn't got my cereals :P

BTW I've used it (AGAIN) last month on a wine bottle, must upload some images.

When you apply for the bonus gift retroactively, it's Sans Alpha-Bits.


not Alpha-Bits Sans?

Curiously, the cereal itself seems to be a sans (Frankfurter? Vag Rounded?) and yet the box promises a serif. They need to work on their brand identity.

> not Alpha-Bits Sans?

I was trying to say that you don't get any. (I should've not capitalized the "Sans".)

> They need to work on their brand identity.

Or maybe it's targeted specifically at Egyptian immigrants in Switzerland.


Yes, Dan is correct, I am a poor student; though thankfully, not at Yale ($40,000!).

Yves: None taken. That's what I get for saying such a thing on Typophile. And you're right; $199 is not too expensive for such a great font.

Now if only that cereal box came with a sizeable mail-in rebate.

I should’ve not capitalized the “Sans”

i was making a joke! c'mon now. I think the bits have vestigal serifs, at least some of the characters do. don't they?