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I am designing this typeface, it's my first attempt at a flushed out font. I had a general question on consitant widths - Specifically, on the contrast areas when compairing the caps and lc letters. Should these two widths be the same?

Here is a partial preview of the font
(see image with orange arrows)

widthquestion.gif22.51 KB
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The consistency in widths, I think, is unnecessary. IF the letters combine well together.

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Hi, Emel.

I have found that uppercase stem widths should be a little wider than lowercase. And I think maybe also in the contrast areas. But you will have to judge by eye how much difference in thickness is best.
I think the difference in your example is too big, but that's just my opinion.


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Emel, have a look at the very useful site of Briem, which gives a lot of good answers on questions like the one you are asking.

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