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A seldom-used bit of 20th-century [[punctuation]] that combines the [[question mark]] and the [[exclamation point]].

Typophile threads discussing the history and usefullness of the interrobang:
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More about the interrobang at the FontFeed:
National Punctuation Day Reignites Interrobang Passion

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A [[SOTA]] publication, edited by [[Stephen Coles]] and [[Tamye Riggs]]. The magazine features writers from the type and design communities, unpublished typefaces, and more.

Interrobang 1

  • "Death to Helvetica" by [[Nick Shinn]]
  • "Why Joe Won't Buy" by [[Stephen Coles]]


  • Yakuza by [[Jared Benson]]
  • Plumpo by [[Peter Bruhn]]
  • Typress by [[Jacques Le Bailly]]
  • Enterprise by [[Angus Shamal]]
  • Latinaires by [[Alejandro Paul]]


  • Worldwide, Preface, and Artifact by [[Nick Shinn]]
  • Plumpo by [[Peter Bruhn]]

Interrobang 2

  • "The Case for a User Friendly [[EULA]]" by [[Tiffany Wardle]]

Interrobang 3

Interrobang 4 Special [[Dwiggins]] issue 2006

  • "The Experimental Type Designs of W.A. Dwiggins" by [[Tiffany Wardle]]
  • "The Serious Humor of Dwiggins" by [[Richard Kegler]]
  • "The Fonts of Dwiggins" by [[Tiffany Wardle]]
  • "Comment on Electra" by [[W.A. Dwiggins]]
  • "Gallery" Dwiggins' Lettering, Design, and Marionettes
  • "An Interview with Hermann Püterschein" by [[Allan Haley]]

Type designers with work featured in the magazine include [[Akira Kobayashi, [[Cyrus Highsmith]], [[Jonathan Hoefler]], [[Sibylle Hagmann]], [[Tobias Frere-Jones]], [[Jim Spiece]], [[Thomas Rickner]], [[David Berlow]], [[Richard Kegler]], [[Charles Nix]], and [[Kent Lew]]

Interrobang 5 2007

  • "Tech Spotlight" the State of [[OpenType]]
  • "Neutrality in Type Design" by [[Kai Bernau]]
  • "The Ressurection of Zebra" by [[Richard Kegler]]
  • "Unexposed" Five Unpublished Typefaces
  • "Art in Type Design" by [[Frederic W. Goudy]]
  • "The Scribe and the Silhouette" by [[Mark Jamra]]
  • "A Boy and His Type (on [[Christopher Stern]])" by [[Amy REdmond]]
  • "Happy Birthday, Helvetica"