Art deco font from French deli sign

It is a strange type of angular art deco; I am designing a butcher's identity and he wanted this. Any help is appreciated.


I wouldn't know if this font or anything similar has been digitised.

something like this is easy enough to digitize as a logo in Illustrator... unless they wanted a full font for identity purposes. If they want it badly enough for that, there are several designers who will do custom work.

Adam, if you want a nice source of inspiration concerning old French commercial signage, check out the book "Entrez: Signs of France" (S Rothfeld & A Aciman, Artisan, New York, 2001). In fact many of the examples happen to be for charcuterie shops!


Strange indeed. But lovely in its own way. It reminds of 'Choc' (by Roger Excoffon?) in it's top-heaviness on the curved characters but it's also stencil-like on the 'A'... I also think it may never have been digitised.

Like Hrants ref to a good book on old commercial signage, I would recommend Arnold Schwartzman's 'Designage' (pub. Chronicle Books, San Francisco 1998) for further reading.

You could also look at P22 Vienna, Mucha or Nick's fonts

Or Artistik, which is definitely more nouveau.

You might also find something you like (not for Mac) at typOasis

Hrant - that book was exactly what I needed for inspiration. I have decided to digitize the font and create the other characters that I will need. Thank you all.

Hrant -- Thanks for reminding me about that book.

Adam -- You might also like Pekin from Solotype.

Rene Knip does work with similar styles:

Their stuff is less deco and more industrial, but very distinctive.