Building up a new Foundry/Font Distributor: Typenation

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I'm thinking on building up a small Foundry/Font Distributor web based company for Portuguese/Portuguese comunity Indie Font Developers. Already bought the URL,, and I wanted to ask you typophiles what are the legal/comercial aspects I have to start with.

For instance, is the fonts licence issues a foundry responsability? On what is the process to add up the foundry on the list?

Any help on these issues/warnings is welcome.

Jim, from or Grant from, any help would be appeciated :)


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Is it me, or do I have to post at type ID or design to get attention? :P

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The issue of font licensing varies. Agfa-Monotype (now Monotype Imaging) distributes all of the fonts at its website under their own license; distributes all of the fonts at its website under the issuing foundry's license. The important matter to consider here is that, when you "sell a font," you are not actually selling a piece of software, but only a license to use that software.

The advantage Monotype gains from their practice is that, since they are selling their own licenses, they can determine the selling price (and collect a heftier commission). merely serves as a sales agent, and collects a smaller commission.

Without going into details, let me say that, personally, I do not intend to renew my distribution agreement with Monotype when its current term expires, but will continue with as long as they'll have me.

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Thanks Oldnick. So basically I want to distribute fonts, and the designer make their prices just like Myfonts. And this way I can add my foundry on myfonts under the same conditions.

Anything important to add/think?

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Liability laws differ from country to country, but it would me a good idea in your distribution agreement to have a clause that shields you from indemnity in the event that one of the foundries that you represent is sued.

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