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updated, added a bold version. forgot the w :)



its still heavy WIP as you see, but this is all i got today.. will work on it tomorrow.
thanks for any feedback.

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Hi (from an amateur typographer, but take it as you wish).
So here it goes.

Your font has a nice horizontal flowing feeling to it yet you should improve one or two things:

- The lower stem+belly connection on the "b" and "d" should get fixed, as in a simplified curve from the base to the stem instead of a complex stem to curve intersection (specially the "b"). It would prevent it to be a "brake" in the horizontal flow of the line. On the other hand your font will get "rounder"...

- The other thing is the horizontal bar on the "a", the "e" and specially the "3". There are to many curves. It gives your characters a blurry look. Probaly if you eliminate the top or the bottom curve joint of the inner intersection it'll lighten up without loosing the design.

I think you can develop a very nice font if you keep it up. I specially like the "z".

Keep it up!

By the way,

    its still heavy WIP as you see

what's WIP???

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thanks alot for your nice detailed feedback. WIP means work in progress..

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Thierry, Just in case you have never seen it before.: About a year ago, Ive designed a rather similar ( Well, 'a' + 'e' may be :) typeface, named 'formlos PlayR'.:

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i have seen it yesterday, because someone linked it at another forum:

but not before.. hope you dont think i ripped you or anything.. playR looks great.

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updated, added a bold version. forgot the w :)

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