Equanimity Stencil

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I considered putting this under "Display" but I hope to also show you guys a non-stencil Sans version in the near future.

Why stencil? Because I figure everyone needs a stencil typeface in their library and I'd rather make my own rather than use someone else's creation.

Equanimity Stencil

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I think the V,K and X looks sort of strange... The I is wonderful though. Overall a pleasing structure (if you would do something about the letters mentioned)

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I agree. The way those letters ended up is a result of having such a narrow width. When diagonals come together separated by the stencil support (whatever they're called) it looks like it's one big geometric shape with a line through it, rather than a couple of bars coming together.

The way other stencils have solved this is to have the support diagonal rather than vertical. When I first created the typeface, however, I was hoping to avoid that because I wanted it to be more uniform... I may have to reconsider that.

Any comments on the "Q"? It gave me some trouble and I'm not sure I like how it turned out.

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It could need some optical adjustment... The "light-trap" (I don't know if it's called that) makes it a bit heavy on the lower right side...

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OK, I redid the V and the X... improvement?

Equanimity Stencil #2

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huge improvement. :)

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John, very likable face.

The new letters appear to change what made this different -- the stencil gaps were all vertical. However, the changes are more pleasing.

If you are going to make this change througout, then the 7 and Z are also candidates.

Also, the R might look better if it follows from the B form.

The only other thing is the H. The small stubs almost disappear.

good job

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Very nice! Vere is '5'?


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