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Jakob Erbar

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Type Designer, 1878-1935.

Jakob Erbar was trained as a type compositor in Düsseldorf and took courses in type and lettering with Fritz Helmut Ehmcke and Anna Simons. He worked as a job typesetter for the Dumont-Schauberg printing works in Cologne.

In 1908 he began teaching at the Städtische Berufsschule, and from 1919–35 taught at the Kölner Werkschule.

He is best known for the Erbar typeface, but designed severeal others. Erbar began working on a sans serif design in 1914, but was interrupted by the war. In 1919 Feder Schrift or Feder Grotesk, a stressed style sans serif, appeared.

In 1922 Erbar had made drawings for another sans serif design and in 1926 the Erbar typeface appeared. It appears in supplement to “Handbuch der Schriftarten”. Erbar did have an alternate lowercase with a lower x-height, but this was not in the export version which reached America. An inline and bold version of the type called Phosper or Grotesk Lichte appeared in 1923. The Lumina and Lux faces were also variants based on Erbar.

Created a number of typefaces for Frankfurt typefounders Ludwig and Mayer.

Fonts Designed:
Feder Grotesk (1910)
Lucina, Lumina, Lux, Phosphor (1922-1930)
Koloss (1923)
Candida (1936)