Look at my P! ( AND X now )

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I'm not sure if I posted this in the right spot. But since I'm not looking for a crit, seems good enough.
I'm having a weight issue. My letters so far are very heavy in the curved axis' and the stems, but my thin strokes are quite thin in relation.

It almost seems somewhere in-between standard and bold. Would a bold have thicker thin strokes, and would standard have thinner axis/stems, while having a slight reduction in the thins?

is Text face letter,



Ok, I just need somebody to look at this x. Just in the context of an x. I think it's close.

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If you are aiming for a bold I'd make the thin strokes thicker and lengthen the serifs slightly. If you're aiming for a semi-bold you might want to lighten the right side of character.

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Maybe something more like this? That is, if you are going for a text face. eps if you want it. I'll remove it soon, of course.

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I think, given the proportions that at text sizes the weight of the stem and bowl would be normal or just slightly dark, but the thin parts would simply be too thin to print properly. You should try a couple of letters together on a page to get a feel for how it will print. I think Noah's on the right track, but the thin parts are still too thin for text sizes.

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Noah, JP

Will be posting multiple letters later this evening. Sometime. Look forward to a corrected L P R J , let me know if I'm on the right track, pretty sure I'm in the groove now.

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New stuff. I'm either nuts or incompetent, because no matter how many times I check the squarness of my letters their always off, then I have to fix them, then after a little while, their off again. Arggg. Look above

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Very nice. I have a few general suggestions. Don't worry too much about geometric perfection with pen and paper, you can easily correct it as you draw the glyph in fontlab. There is no need to finish the font on paper (unless that is how you prefer it) you have enough of the uppercase to draw the rest directly in fontlab with the pen tool. At least, that's how I do it, if you're more comfortable sketching it all on paper first than go for it. I really like what you did with the "P" at the base of the bowl where it joins the stem. It will be interesting to see if the digital version has any bracketing or if you intend to make is sharply squared off. The "L" seems a tad to wide for my tastes, but its hard to tell without seeing it in a setting. The "F" is great, it seems energized. You'll need to straighten it, of course, but don't touch those curves and corners! The "K" looks top heavy and a little wide. The "J" is fine, maybe take the left serif in a hair?

I'm eager to see the lowercase.

I hope someone with more experience than me chimes in, too.

It's looking very, very nice, keep it up!

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Hey! Somebody look.

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Looks like an "X" sorry I can't offer more. It may be a little too wide on top and you may be overcompensating for that illusion where one line passing through another looks unaligned (I forget what it's called right now but its the reason the left leg and the right arm aren't really a straight line) but it is very hard to be certain of a lot of this stuff without seeing it in context and at it's optimal point size. There are more educated, experienced voices than mine who frequent these forums and I hope one of them will comment (hrant?).

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The x needs some optical adjustments.
Take a look at this post by Randy Jones.

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There needs multiple letters in a row to see how they look togeteher. Don't just replace images that way because it is impossible to critique! I forget where I read it but somebody said that a font is not a collection of beautiful letters but a beautiful collection of letters (or something to that effect).

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Yes I know, but like I posted, just wanted someone to look at the X consruct. There is a right and wrong way to do every letter.

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What is the right way?


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