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Logo Font Suggeston

I am designing a logo for a company that does farming, farming ops, & excavation. They all have United in the name and I’m going to use Barmeno for that. But would like to come up with some samples that use another font for the division names. They are looking for a logo that implies modern, up-to-date, reliable and efficient, but conservative enough for those old time farmers. It will be used for stencils and decals to go on equipment and vehicles as well as the usual print pieces. Does anyone have any suggestions of a font that would work well with Barmeno? I’ve never used this font before and just wanted to get some outside input as I work on my own.

Example: United Agriculture

Thanks to anyone willing to give me suggetions.

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A good place to start looking would be other fonts by the same designer — Hans Reichel. FontFont houses a lot (all the rest?) of his stuff. Maybe his Schmalhans, since it’s nice and narrow (helps with the longer add-on names).