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Otmar Hoefer

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Otmar Hoefer is the Director of Font Marketing at Linotype Library.

In the late 1970s, while he was still a college student, Hoefer began working at D. Stempel AG as a printing technician. After Mergenthaler-Linotype GmbH acquired D. Stempel AG, Hoefer remained with the company, eventually ending up in the marketing department.

Hoefer is very active as a volunteer with the Klingspor Museum. Hoefer also raises donkeys and mules in his spare time.

Hoefer is the son of the famed calligrapher and type designer Karlgeorg Hoefer.

Please note that, although the German o umlaut (ö) may also be written out as “oe”, Hoefer’s name is actually spelled with an oe and not an ö!