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Indices : Typefaces : Frutiger

This typeface was designed by Adrian Frutiger and was commissioned by the Charles De Gaulle International Airport in Paris for usage on directional signage. Frutiger is a Humanist sans-serif, and has become one of Adrian Frutiger’s best-known typefaces, along with Univers. The weight of the forms are much less monotone than Univers, and due to these subtle thicks and thins the typeface has far more character. Since the 1980s, the fonts have been available in digital form from Linotype.

Frutiger has been an extreme success, and in 2003 it has been revised (ASTRA-Frutiger) for use on highway signage in Switzerland. In addition, the typeface was revised and updated in 1999 by Adrian Frutiger himself (together with Linotype) to include true italics among other features; this typeface is called Frutiger Next.

The Linotype website has overview pages showing all the weights of the Frutiger type family and Frutiger Next.