Matthew Carter

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Born: [[United Kingdom]], 1937.

Son of [[Harry Carter]], Royal Designer for Industry, contemporary British type designer and ultimate craftsman, trained as a punchcutter at [[Enschede|Enschedé]] by [[Paul Raedisch|Paul Rädisch]], responsible for Crosfield’s typographic program in the early 1960s, [[Mergenthaler Linotype]]’s house designer 1965–1981.

Carter is a prolific designer who has produced many successful and significant faces in his career such as [[Olympian]], [[Bell Centennial]], [[Galliard]], [[Charter]] and [[Miller]] (in chronological order).

He has in recent years designed [[Verdana]], [[Tahoma]] and [[Georgia]] for [[Microsoft]]; these fonts are tuned to be extremely legible even at very small sizes on the screen.

Carter co-founded [[Bitstream]] with Mike Parker in 1981. In 1991 he left Bitstream to form [[carterandcone|Carter & Cone]] with [[Cherie Cone]].

Carter is a Royal Designer for Industry, a member of AGI, chairman of the type designers' committee of [[ATypI]], and a Senior Critic on [[Yale]]'s Graphic Design faculty. He has received the [[Frederic W. Goudy]] Award for outstanding contribution to the printing industry, the Middleton Award from the American Center for Design, a Chrysler Award for Innovation in Design, and medals from the [[AIGA]] and the [[Type Directors Club]]. He holds the honorary degree of Doctor of Fine Arts.

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