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Imre Reiner

Type designer, wood engraver, painter and sculptor


Reiner was introduced to type design by Ernst Scheidler. He left Germany in 1923 to come to the United States with the goal of selling a series of sans serif faces, which had not yet gained popularity.

Work History
Stephenson Blake

Fonts Designed:
Meridian (1927)
Corvinus (1929)
Gotika (1932)
Floride (1939)
Matura (1939) : Designed for Monotype
Sinfonia/Stradivarius (1945)
Reiner Script (1951)
Reiner Black (1955)
Bazaar (1956)
Mercurius (1957) : Designed for Monotype
London Script (1957) : Designed for Stephenson Blake
Pepita (1959) : Based on Reiner’s own handwriting. Designed for Monotype.
Contact (1968)