Imre Reiner

Type designer, wood engraver, painter and sculptor


Reiner was introduced to type design by [[Ernst Scheidler]]. He left Germany in 1923 to come to the United States with the goal of selling a series of [[sans serif]] faces, which had not yet gained popularity.

Work History
[[Stephenson Blake]]

Fonts Designed:
[[Meridian]] (1927)
[[Corvinus]] (1929)
[[Gotika]] (1932)
[[Floride]] (1939)
[[Matura]] (1939) : Designed for [[Monotype]]
[[Sinfonia]]/[[Stradivarius]] (1945)
[[Reiner Script]] (1951)
[[Reiner Black]] (1955)
[[Bazaar]] (1956)
[[Mercurius]] (1957) : Designed for [[Monotype]]
[[London Script]] (1957) : Designed for [[Stephenson Blake]]
[[Pepita]] (1959) : Based on Reiner's own handwriting. Designed for [[Monotype]].
[[Contact]] (1968)