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Albert Kapr

b. Stuttgart, 1918
d. Leipzig, 1995

1938-1948: student, Stuttgarter Akademie
1949-1950: lecturer, Academy of Fine Arts (Weimar)
1951: Professor, [Hochschule fuer Grafik und Buchkunst | Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst]] (Liepzig)
1956-1978: head, Institute of Book Design
1959: Rector, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst (Liepzig)
1966-1973: Rector, Hochschule für Graphic und Buchkunst (Liepzig)
1964-1977: Art director, Typoart typefoundry (Dresden)

Fonts Designed
Faust (1959)
Leipzig (1963)

After the reunification of Germany, Kapr was a tireless supporter of Blackletter. He even lobbied the Bundespräsident, hoping that the reading and/or writing of Blackletter and Sütterlin could be reintroduced into the curricula of German elementary schools. It was not.

Kapr wrote one of the most extensive histories and analyses of Blackletter type in the German language, Fraktur (Mainz: 1993).