TypeOff T-Shirts

TypeOff has just produced its first T-Shirt, and I am giddy happy.

See the design here.

The design is an homage to Experimental Jetset, whose Beatles T-Shirt drove two members of our collective bonkers. Of course, the design is just as much of an homage to the four type designers whose names it bears:

Walter Tiemann
(1876–1951) Typographer and Professor from Leipzig. Designed typefaces for the Klingspor foundry in Offenbach, e.g., Tiemann Antiqua.

Otto Eckmann
(1865–1902) Painter and commercial artist. Designed Eckmann for the Ruhard foundry in Offenbach.

Karlgeorg Hoefer
(1914–2000) Calligrapher and professor at the HfG Offenbach. Designed Salto for the Klinsgpor foundry in Offenbach, as well as other typefaces for Ludwig and Mayer, D. Stempel AG, und Linotype Library.

Rudolf Koch
(1876–1934) Calligrapher and teacher. In-house designer at the Klingspor foundry Offenbach. Designed numerous typefaces including Koch Antiqua, Kabel, and Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch.

The shirts are available in boy cuts and girl cuts, in many different sizes and colors. For the moment, we are just shipping within Germany, but if anyone going to TypeCon wants one, let me know.


Dan, I want one.

Yeah! I'll e-mail you offline with the details.


MMmm, me too!

Dan, please bring some to TypeCon to sell in the SOTA store... they will be much beloved!

cool tees dan!