Christian Schwartz

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Born: New Hampshire, 1977

Career History
1999: Graduated Carnegie Mellon University (Communications Design)
1999: [[MetaDesign]] Berlin
2000: [[Font Bureau]]
2001: [[Orange Italic]]

His work has been honored by the [[New York Type Directors Club]], the [[AIGA]], the [[D&AD Awards]], the [[International Society of Typographic Designers]], and the [[Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum]].


[[Flywheel]] : Released by [[FontHaus]].

[[Atlas]] : Released by [[FontHaus]], some styles unfinished
[[Elroy]] : Released by [[FontHaus]].
[[Hairspray]] : Released by [[FontHaus]]

[[Twist]] : Released by [[Precision Type]] and the [[Agfatype Creative Alliance ]]
[[Ant & Bee Art Fonts]] : Drawings by [[Jill Weber]]. Released by [[FontHaus]].

[[Zombie]] : Released by [[Precision Type]] and the [[Agfatype Creative Alliance]]
[[Morticia]] : Released by the [[Agfatype Creative Alliance]]

[[Gladys]] (Unreleased)
[[Bureau Grotesque]] : Designed with FB Staff including [[David Berlow]], [[Tobias Frere-Jones]], [[Jill Pichotta]], [[Richard Lipton]], and others. Mostly unreleased. Some styles commissioned by Entertainment Weekly.

[[Fritz]] : Released by [[Font Bureau]].

[[Vendome]] (Unfinished revival of a [[François Ganeau]] design orginally produced by [[Deberny & Peignot]])

[[VW Headline Light]] & [[Heckschrift]] : Art directed by [[Erik Spiekermann]] and [[Stephanie Kurz]]. Commissioned by [[MetaDesign Berlin]] for Volkswagen AG.
[[Sandbox]] (Unfinished. Designed with [[Chris Pacione]])
[[Local Gothic]] (Unfinished)

[[Pennsylvania]] : Released by [[Font Bureau]].
[[Casa Latino!]] : Art Direction by [[Andy Cruz]]. Designed with [[Ken Barber]]. Released by [[House Industries]].
[[FF Din Condensed]] : Commissioned by [[Michael Grossman]] for Harper's Bazaar. Not to be confused with retail version of FF DIN Condensed, designed by [[Albert-Jan Pool]]
[[Poynter Agate Display]] : Commissioned by the [[San Jose Mercury News]] classified section
[[LaDeeDa]] : Art Directed by [[Mia Hurley]]. Commissioned by
[[Vectora Thin]] : Commissioned by O Magazine
[[Addison]] (Unfinished)
[[Boyband]] (Unfinished)
[[Bilbao]] (Unfinished)

[[Simian]] : : Art Directed by [[Ken Barber]] and [[Andy Cruz]]. Released by [[House Industries]].
[[Interstate Monospaced]] : Commissioned by Citigroup.
[[Coop Black]] (lowercase) : Based on [[Coop Black]] by [[Ken Barber]] and [[Coop]]. Commissioned by [[House Industries]] for Toys R Us.
[[David Yurman]] : Commissioned by [[Lipman Advertising]] for David Yurman.
[[Caslon's Egyptian]] : Designed with [[Miko McGinty]] and [[Cyrus Highsmith]]. Commissioned by Red Herring.
[[Benton Modern]] : Commissioned by [[Font Bureau]] for the [[Readability Series]]

[[Los Feliz]] : Released by [[Emigre]].
[[Luxury]] : Designed with [[Dino Sanchez]]. Released by [[Orange Italic]].
[[Chalet Cyrillic]] : Commissioned by [[House Industries]] for Lego.
[[Harrison]] : Commissioned by Rafael Esquer at
[[Reform]] Sketched italic for typeface by Anuthin Wongsunkakon. Released by [[PsyOps]].
[[Masthead]] (Unfinished)

[[Neutraface]] : Art Directed by [[Ken Barber]] and [[Andy Cruz]]. Released by [[House Industries]].
[[Amplitude]] : Released by [[Font Bureau]].
[[Houston]] : Commissioned by [[Roger Black]] at [[Danilo Black, Inc.]], for the Houston Chronicle.
[[FF Meta 3]] : Designed by [[Erik Spiekermann]]. Portions drawn by [[Richard Lipton]]. Released by [[FontShop|FontShop International]].
[[Eero]] : Art Directed by [[Ken Barber]] and [[Andy Cruz]]. Commissioned by [[House Industries]] for the Dulles International Airport.
[[Symantec]] : Designed with [[Conor Mangat]]. Commissioned by [[MetaDesign]] for [[Symantec Corporation]].
[[ITC Officina Display]] : Designed by [[Erik Spiekermann]] and [[Ole Schäfer]]. Portions drawn by [[Richard Lipton]] and [[Cyrus Highsmith]]. Released by [[Agfa]]/[[Monotype]]/[[ITC]].
[[Bailey]] (Unfinished. Commissioned by [[Danilo Black, Inc.]])

[[FF Unit]] : Designed with [[Erik Spiekermann]]. Released by [[FontShop|FontShop International]].
[[Farnham]] : Released by [[Font Bureau]]
[[Neutraface Condensed]] : Art Directed by [[Ken Barber]] and [[Andy Cruz]]. Released by [[House Industries]].
[[FF Bau]] : Original idea by [[Erik Spiekermann]]. Released by [[FontShop|FontShop International]].
[[Popular]] : Commissioned by [[Robb Rice]] at [[Danilo Black, Inc.]], for Popular Mechanics.
[[Bosch Serif & Sans]] : Designed with [[Erik Spiekermann]], production assistance by [[Joshua Darden]]. Commissioned by [[United Designers]] for Bosch.

[[FF Oxide]] : Previously known as 5608. Designed for David Mullen at Double A Clothing. Released by [[FontShop|FontShop International]].
[[FF Meta Headline]] : Designed by [[Erik Spiekermann]], produced with [[Joshua Darden]]. Released by [[FontShop|FontShop International]].

[[Farnham Headline]] : Commissioned by Esterson Associates and de Luxe Associates.

[[Publico]] : Originally designed with Paul Barnes; production and design assistance by Kai Bernau. Commissioned by Mark Porter and Esterson Associates for Público.

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