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Begun by [[Rudolf Koch]] in 1927 for the [[Klingspor]] foundry. The typeface family was expanded and changed over the decades by [[D. Stempel AG]] and [[Linotype]].

Kabel is a geometric sans serif, similar to [[Futura]], [[Erbar]], and [[Nobel]]. It is best characterized by its angular stroke endings, its Venetian e, and its distinctive g (similar to the lowercase g used in many Koch designs, including [[Koch Antiqua]] and [[Wallau]]).

[[Walter Tracy]] wrote about Kabel in the Rudolf Koch chapter of his [[Letters of Credit]]. The Beatles used Kabel in for the film titling in their 1960s animated classic, Yellow Submarine.

[[Victor Caruso]] designed a version of Kabel for [[ITC]] in the 1970s, named [[ITC Kabel]], which is not faithful to the original design. Similar to [[ITC Garamond]], ITC Kabel has an excessively large x-height, created to please New York advertising tastes of the day.

An overview of the Kabel type family is available on the Linotype website.